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Yearly Dues Payment

Yearly dues are payable by the beginning of December each year and cover the period of January through following December.

New Scout – $100.00*
New Scout Crossing over after January – $85.00*
Renewal Dues (for Scouts currently registered in Troop 6) – $85.00
Committee Members are to pay $25.00.

** This registration fee pays for a new Scout’s Handbook, Troop Neckerchief and slide, shoulder loops, T6 patch, patrol patch and Troop Class B shirt, which equates to $34.00 in value. This also includes a one year’s subscription to Boys Life magazine, and covers the cost of badges/advancement and supplies associated with each Scout. This fee also covers the BSA National registration fee and Troop insurance.

In order for the Scout to participate in all Troop activities, the BSA Scout Application must be fully completed and new fees as well as renewal fees kept current (new and renewal).

To become a registered leader in the BSA organization, an adult must complete a BSA Adult Application form (one time only or when you change positions). The fee to BSA National is $25.00 for a full year. This yearly registration fee for uniformed leaders is paid from the Troop treasure.


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